Active Release Chiropractic And Sciatica Treatment Denver

Sciatica Treatment Denver: In the case of intense or continuous flashes of sciatic nerve pain, it may need to be addressed so that it does not get worse with time. For most people, instantly existing nonsurgical remedies and regular exercise work up to a good extent in relieving their pain. The two most common methods know are:

  • Sciatica Exercises
  • Sciatica Surgery

For other people, when the pain is more intense or does not get lower down on its own, a more planned treatment approach, and perhaps surgery, may offer the best solution for finding pain relief and avoiding or minimizing future pain.

sciaticaNon-Surgical Sciatica Treatment

The objectives of non-surgical treatments for Sciatica are to get rid of the pain and any neurological problems caused by a compressed nerve root. There is a wide range of choices available for sciatica treatment. Following are the combination of the treatments usually recommended with specific exercises.

Ice/Heat Treatment

For serious sciatic pain, hot and/or cold packs are available and can help ease the leg pain, particularly in the early phase. Typically cold packs or hot packs are applied for approximately 20 minutes and advised to repeat two hours. Most people use cold packs first, but some people find more relief with hot packs. These can be done alternatively. It is important to apply cold packs with a cloth to avoid an ice burn.


Medications for Sciatica pain

There are several Over-the-counter medications that are often effective in dropping or relieving sciatica pain. In the case of drugs, Non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs, such as naproxen, ibuprofen, or COX-2 inhibitors, or oral steroids can minimize the inflammation that is usually contributing to the cause of the pain.

Relieving Sciatica pain with Epidural Steroid Injections

When the pain is very intense, an epidural steroid injection can be taken to minimize the inflammation. An epidural injection is unlike an oral medication because by this method the steroid is directly injected into the painful region around the sciatic nerve to help decrease the swelling that may be causing the pain.


Alternative Treatments for Sciatica Pain

Along with standard medical treatments, various alternative treatment methods are effectively working for the relief of sciatica pain for many patients. Two of the most common forms of alternative treatments for sciatica include massage therapy and acupuncture.

Acupuncture as a Sciatica Treatment

The objective of acupuncture is achieving or maintaining overall health by the flow of energy via specific pathways in the body. Needles, thin as hairs are injected into the skin near the painful area to treat it.

The FDA has approved this treatment, and National Institutes of Health have recognized acupuncture as a remedy for sciatica.

Massage Therapy for Sciatica

Various forms of massage therapies have been introduced to help reduce back pain, including increased blood flow and circulation, relaxing the muscles, and making the body release endorphins that is a natural pain killer.

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