Advantages Of Wooden Staircases

In the past, wood was used throughout the world as a building material. Initially, the tree was valued primarily for their low cost, ease of handling and the frequency over time were invented more modern building materials and then came to the fore, such as the quality of wood environmental purity and high aesthetic characteristics.

Today, wood produces a wide range of products and accessories, from the floors, furniture and flooring and finishing windows, doors, and elements of stairs. Especially popular in the wood stairs production – wooden stairs are very popular, perfectly fit almost any decor, make the house comfortable and elegant.

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Wooden stairs with proper selection of materials and proper treatment can boast of a desirable durability for a long time while maintaining their performance. Modern chemical industry produces many varnishes and impregnation, which reliably protect a tree structure from destruction.

Of course, the exterior stairs better be made of other, more resistant to external influences, materials – stone, stainless steel, concrete, and here for the internal inter-floor stairs for homes, cottages and villas timber fits perfectly.

Interior Designers love the variety of tree varieties, as well as a wide range of options for texture and color, allowing you to find and use wood, which perfectly fit into the interior. It is worth noting that the modern enterprises for the production of stairs are fitted with equipment that allows us to give the tree any form. This makes it possible to produce beautiful and durable screw and front staircases, construction of solid wood and hybrid structures, which is a strong metal and stair elements are made of fine wood. In short, the tree – a material that is difficult to find a replacement in the field of production of stairs.


Let’s think about the types of wood. Most often used in the manufacture of stairs beech, larch, birch, oak, pine, and ash. Because of these types of timber structures are built of many different kinds, ranging from the basement stairs and straight and ending marching and formal structures. About cost wooden stairs, it will directly depend on the stair type and the kind of wood from which it is made.

In our country, and all over Europe very common staircase of oak wood which has unique properties. In particular, the Oak is very resistant to rot, so out of it make great outdoor stairs. Oak is also very durable, which on the one hand makes stair of it safe to use and durable, and on the other side of the wood due to this property very seriously and handled the production cost increases. Oak stairs are often waxing, cover the stain or varnish, polish since this wood is involved.

Equally popular Pinewood stairs. The texture of this tree is that it is very easy to handle chemical compounds, in particular preservatives, therefore, are often made of pine wood elements external stairs – railings, steps, balusters, and more.

Another demanded wood in the production of stairs – beech, which has excellent performance and at the same time very easy to be processed. Beech produces beautiful and durable stairs, as well as structural elements, especially common steps, and beech handrail.

A wide range of tree species, as well as modern methods of treatment of wood,  made a possible appearance on the market of a new generation of stairs, differing high aesthetic characteristics and can serve for many years, decorating the interior of any home.             

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